Hello Atelier 010

Sally Jane Linville

April 13, 2017

Sally Jane Linville creates fiber art chicken footstools. These locally-sourced chickens balance the line between sculptural and functional art.

Hello Atelier 010

Sally Jane Linville

It isn’t often that you see something that immediately fills you with delight, which is exactly how I felt when I first saw Sally Jane Linville’s chickens at a local art fair. They were totally unexpected, funny and beautiful all at the same time. That Sally herself lives up to the same accolades is just icing on the cake.

There is something I love about the completely whimsical idea of earning a living selling fiber-art chicken footstools. That kind of quirkiness is what makes this world a better place. And it isn’t just Sally – she has turned the City Girl Farm into an enterprise that benefits a community of local artists. Woodworkers, bronze casters, and a team of friends and family “chickeners” who complete the fiber element all work together to create the fabulous flock. I even got to stitch on a chicken after our interview! But the best thing? Sally generously let us name some of the chickens in progress, including bestowing my own name on a gorgeous red, curly feathered chicken.

What’s happening in Sally’s world:

  • City Girl Farms  – Check out all Sally’s chickens currently up for adoption
  • Tadao Ando – The architect whose work inspired Sally to look into an architecture major.
  • Les Lalanne – The French couple Francois and Claude Lalanne developed the bronze and fleece sheep footstools that inspired Sally on her creative journey.

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