Hello Atelier 013

Freya North

May 25, 2017

Now with 14 novels to her name, Freya North doesn't think of herself as creating the characters, but acting as an antennae through which fully formed stories flow.

Hello Atelier 013

Freya North

In the fall of 2001, I found myself living in a central London flat with three other girls whom I barely knew. We were all in England for a semester abroad, each of us having traveled from the Midwest for our first time overseas. We were lucky – some students were parceled out to buildings on the edge of town while ours was just off of Regent Street in a swanky building. (Rumour had it that one of the neighbors had not one, but two original Warhols hanging in their flat).

Why they allowed a bunch of students to live in such a nice place is beyond me, but it was in that flat that I met this week’s guest. There she was, sitting on a shelf in our living room. Or, I should say, her book was. I picked up Sally by Freya North and zoomed through it. When I was finished, I headed straight for Fen, another of Freya’s titles on the shelf. After Fen, I headed to the bookstore, and ended up coming home at the end of that semester with all her books in hand (and no, I didn’t steal them from the apartment, I bought my own copies).

I now have a full library of all of Freya’s 14 novels. While eagerly awaiting her new releases I often dip back into the older books, revisiting the characters as if they were old friends. While I have stacks of new books to discover, it is hard, sometimes, to eschew picking an old favorite.

What’s happening in Freya’s world:

  • FreyaNorth.com – Read all about Freya and stay in the know for her newest novels!
  • Alexander Technique – A process of realigning your body that Freya uses to help her back.
  • Hertford Children’s Book Festival – Read more about the children’s book festival that Freya founded.
  • Virago Books – A publisher of books written by women. Freya once worked at Virago choosing covers for their modern classic division.

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