Hello Atelier 024

Grace Chin

January 18, 2018

Grace Chin creates delicate paper flower wreaths that frame strong political slogans – work that is a contrast of the fragile and the forceful.

Hello Atelier 024

Grace Chin

The first time I spied Grace Chin’s work it was obscured in the midst of a local craft fair. Buried in a sea of soaps, prints and baby onesies, I was delighted to find the most delicate, fragile looking paper floral wreaths that heralded a myriad of strong, feminist slogans. My personal favorite? A witch bows to no man.

Years later, I met Grace at her studio in Lawrence, a cooperative maker space that acts as a home for dozens of artists. Unlike many artists who make their political statements through subtle visual cues, Grace’s work is overtly text-based. Her wreaths are both charming and galvanizing. In the current climate where the news seems to be more dire with every passing day, who couldn’t use a cheerful reminder to “raise hell” or that “hope does not die”? Listen in as we talk about Grace’s political heritage, her love of Sister Corita Kent, and why she thinks it’s important to share her struggles online.

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