Hello Atelier 026

Evie Englezos

June 14, 2018

Evie Englezos is a printer turned potter who imbues her art with tangled tales of mythology, and a modern-day Snow White who devotes much of her time to wild bird rehabbing.

Hello Atelier 026

Evie Englezos

Maybe it was the power of the Evil Eye that first attracted me to Sweet Destructor ceramics. Because once I saw those pieces, I couldn’t forget them, nor their creator, Evie Englezos. On the surface, Sweet Destructor ceramics are simple – deceptively so. For, beyond their graphic black and white surface (with just a touch of gold) lies an extensive story where mythology intertwines with nature and manifests itself in the design of a cup or dish.

Evie, herself, has a bit of an otherworldly essence, which is compounded when you see her interacting with wild animals on a daily basis. This modern-day Snow White befriends and rehabilitates wildlife, from baby birds to turtles and beyond.

In this episode we discuss how the struggles of nature, the tales of mythology, and even death and destruction all find their way into Evie’s pottery design. We also discuss how she made the decision to be a full-time artist, and her surprising introduction to the world of ceramics.

In this episode:

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