Hello Atelier 027

Jillian Youngbird

June 28, 2018

Whatever form Jillian Youngbird's art takes, her style manifests itself in an earthy quality that is directly tied to the nature that surrounds her.

Hello Atelier 027

Jillian Youngbird

I discovered this week’s guest Jillian Youngbird and her work on Instagram. I was fascinated by the many different forms her art took – one day she would post a stunning piece of embroidery, another day it would be an image of a 7-foot bear sculpture. I like how her artistic style manifests itself across all media. Each piece, whether made from cardboard or watercolor has a certain earthy quality that makes me think of big skies over vast acres of land.

We met with Jillian in her downtown Kansas City studio, where our interview was watched over by a menagerie of her sculptural creatures. Listen in as we talk about her childhood in the Ozarks, sustainability in art, and her experience at the Standing Rock protests.

In this episode:

  • Jillian Youngbird: Check out Jillian’s website to see her portfolio of past work and to keep up with her new projects.
  • Jillian on Instagram: Follow along as Jillian shares her work progress (and to see pictures of her puppy and kitten!)
  • Imagine That!: Jillian works at this artist studio which caters to developmentally disabled adult artists and creatives. If you are in Kansas City, be sure to stop by one of their many exhibits!
  • Standing Rock: Read more about the events leading up to and after the Standing Rock protest that Jillian attended.
  • Charlotte Street Foundation: Jillian’s current studio is part of the Charlotte Street Foundation, which houses many different artists in their studio residency. They also provide grants, cash awards and put on artistic events in Kansas City.
  • Tallgrass Artist Residency: Jillian took part in this residency located in the Kansas prairie.

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