Hello Atelier 028

Luke Haynes

July 12, 2018

Designer Luke Haynes talks about success, travel, and approaching quilt design through his training as an architect.

Hello Atelier 028

Luke Haynes

In the modern quilting world, you can’t help but know Luke Haynes. In a sea of mostly women, he is often the lone male figure, dressed in a jaunty bow-tie or workman’s onesie. Come to think of it, he would likely stand out in a sea of men as well. His quilts are as distinctive as he is. You may not know his background and training as an artist, but looking at his work, you get a sense that he is coming at his design from a different angle than other quilters.

We met at Luke’s studio, a space packed from floor to ceiling with quilts and fabric and unpacked boxes. This is a new space for Luke, having recently moved to Kansas City and still getting settled. Listen in as we talk about success, travel, and how Luke approaches quilt design through his training as an architect.

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