Hello Atelier 029

Glyneisha Johnson

July 26, 2018

Artist Glyneisha Johnson discusses influential teachers, artists as father figures, and her passion for sharing the black experience through her work.

Hello Atelier 029

Glyneisha Johnson

Visiting Glyneisha’s studio, we were treated to the site of a number of finished pieces and works in progress. As I looked through a stack of work leaning haphazardly against a wall, I was struck by how colorful and large her collages are. As much as I liked Glyneisha’s work when I saw it on her website, to see it in person helped me understand why this young artist’s career is taking off.

Glyneisha is a current studio resident with the Charlotte Street Foundation, so her space is just one of a number of artist cubicles. And while the space was divided like an office, there were no file cabinets or computers to be found, just wall-to-wall art materials. In this setting we spoke about the teachers who have been influential in Glyneisha’s life, her passion for sharing the black experience through her work and artists that she looks up to as father figures.

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