Hello Atelier 035

Ana Reinert

February 01, 2021

Ana Reinert takes us on a deep dive into the world of stationery and fountain pens. Listen in as we discuss fountain pen collecting and her site, the Well-Appointed Desk.

Hello Atelier 035

Ana Reinert

How well I remember the excitement of back-to-school shopping. That annual trip to the office supply store where I took my time thumbing through all the Lisa Frank folders and smelling the deliciously waxy scent of the crayon aisle. And, honestly, that wasn’t too long ago, because I still make a beeline to the school supply aisle in late summer. After all, you’re never too old for a Pink Pearl eraser.

For a long time, I only knew today’s guest, illustrator Ana Reinert, through her blog, the Well-Appointed Desk. I, like any other stationery aficionado, was thrilled to find a site totally dedicated to the world of desk accessories. These weren’t the grade-school goods of my childhood, but luxurious adult lacquer files and golden paper clips – the kind of items that elevate mere paperwork to an experience.

While I consider myself fairly well-versed in the world of desk accessories, until I spoke with Ana, I had no idea that there is a world-wide fountain pen community for which the written word is made even more special when inked by a beautiful pen.

Listen in as we talk about how Ana got into stationery supplies, the ins and outs of fountain pen collecting and how she created her own product to fill a niche in the market.

In This Episode:

  • Well-Appointed Desk: Visit Ana’s site and learn about all the beautiful desk accessories and pens available today!
  • Col-o-ring: Shop Ana’s signature product, the Col-o-ring swatch set.
  • Skylab Letterpress: Check out Ana’s husband’s letterpress company.
  • Inktober: Mark your calendars for Inktober and get ready to improve your lettering skills!

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