Hello Atelier 030

Two Tone Press

August 09, 2018

Sisters Michelle and Angie Dreher of Two Tone Press create bright, textural letterpress prints and founded the community print shop, Print League KC.

Hello Atelier 030

Two Tone Press

How do you choose the right partner to start a business with? You need someone who won’t up and leave when business is bad. Someone who you can be honest with. Someone who balances your strengths and weaknesses. It isn’t easy to find that person – unless you happen to be related to them. Today’s guests, Michelle and Angie Dreher of Two Tone Press are sisters and business partners. They work together, refurbish buildings together and have learned how to not bring business home with them.

Michelle originally started Two Tone Press, creating bright, textural letterpress prints and cards. Angie, armed with spreadsheets, joined the company soon after, helping to grow the Two Tone design business as well as implement their more recent venture Print League KC. Listen in as we talk about how to get over workplace disagreements, the joy of getting your hands dirty, and how they have incorporated Lego into their business.

In this episode:

  • Two Tone Press: Learn more about Two Tone Press and shop their designs.
  • Print League KC: Want to take a workshop? Check out their schedule!
  • EnChroma Glasses: Learn more about the glasses that inspired Michelle and Angie to create their Eye Candy prints.
  • Lego: Want to try printing with lego at home, or just feel like building something? Get yourself some Lego today!

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