Hello Atelier 023

Seth Smith

January 04, 2018

Seth Smith is a landlocked Midwesterner who offers you an opportunity to time-travel back 60 years, landing you pool-side at a fabulous mid-century hotel.

Hello Atelier 023

Seth Smith

It isn’t often that I see something at an art fair that stops me in my tracks. I mean, sure I see art that is beautiful and eye-catching. But, when you have a fairly particular aesthetic, as I do, you enjoy and appreciate the work and then move on. But sometimes, you find something that you fall in love with, and that is just what happened a few years ago when I saw this week’s guest, Seth Smith’s work at a local art fair.

Everything about his paintings was right for me – the colors, the subject matter, the overall vibe. Looking at his paintings made me feel like I was transported pool-side to a fabulous mid-century hotel – it was almost as if at any moment a waiter would be bringing me an umbrella-topped drink. I picked up Seth’s card and kept it, hoping that not only could I someday get him on the podcast, but that I would also have one of his paintings in my own home. Listen in as we speak to Seth about immersive experiences, vintage travel and the difficulty of painting water.

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